​Jennifer Vasher is a contemporary multi-media artist whose oeuvre includes drawing, sculpture, and architectural installations. The artist’s artworks are inspired by our domestic, psychological, and environmental landscapes.  Stories, and micro stories that reflect the interplay between desire, fear, addiction, marketing and consumerism, and the consequences of our behaviors on the environment and ourselves inform the artist's work. 

Influenced by political, social, and ecological issues, Vasher is interested in the cheer, desperation, and manipulation with which we as a consumer culture are engaged. while exploring such topics as the pharmaceutical industry and drug addiction, the American ‘Cult-ure of Cleanliness” and the petroleum industry, and domestic health and beauty consumerism and the implications of corporate manipulations on society and the environment. Vasher's poetic, satiric approach is intended to provoke thoughts and feelings regarding our contemporary human landscape. 


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